Barefoot Baby's - Company Message
If You Knew
that the child you are bringing into the world is
a Ghandi, M.L. King, Mother Theresa...
Someone who makes a spectacular difference in our world...
Then, how would you welcome this new being?
Imagine a place where everyone around you....
 Believes in the importance of the natural process
Honors the work you do in labor
Gives you both support and privacy
Acts as if birth is sacred, offering blessings & prayers
Speaks to you with calm, affirming words
Respect your need to be spontaneous ~
                  to eat, drink, walk, dance, to cry, to shout, and laugh
Care     for your baby as an aware & sensitive being
Keeps     you and your baby together at all times
Helps     the father be an integral part of the birth
             Birth in a Sanctuary
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